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Solar Pool Ionizers Buying Guide

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Solar Pool Ionizers Buying Guide


A swimming pool is a great way to cool off and get in some exercise during the summer season. It can also help you get in a great workout, as well as provide you with a thorough cardio exercise. Unfortunately, pools can be very dirty, especially if you have a personal one.

Unfortunately, chlorine can be very harmful to people and animals, especially children. It can cause eye irritation and respiratory issues, and it can even damage the developing lungs of children. People usually add a huge amount of chlorine to their water to solve this issue.

In order to keep your pool clean and free of harmful chemicals, you can use a solar pool ionizer. These are relatively unique products, and they can be used to clean and maintain your pool without using any chemicals at all. Before you can find the right one for you, though, it’s important to understand the various factors that go into choosing one.


Most consumers tend to ignore branding when it comes to choosing a quality product. Brands are typically inconsequential since their marketing efforts are usually focused on generating revenue. However, when it comes to choosing a pool ionizer, what you are looking for will actually matter a lot. For instance, if you are looking for a solar powered ionizer, you might want to consider a brand that specializes in this type of product.

Since this is a specialized item, you should consider a brand that has been specifically designed for this purpose. This will allow you to get a product that's made to specifically meet your needs. Having a high level of trust in the brand will also help you get the best solar ionizer.

Pool Size

One of the most important factors that you should consider when it comes to choosing a solar ionizer is the size of your pool. This will determine the number of anodes that you need and how often you need to change the cells.

Ionizing Elements

An average solar ionizer uses anodes that are made of silver and copper. A pure copper anode can be very effective, though it's usually more expensive. If you don't want a pure copper ionizer, you should get one that's at least 90% copper.

Ease of Installation

A regular pool ionizer requires a professional to set it up. This is because the anodes have to be connected to an electrical power supply. If you use a solar ionizer, the anodes don't have to be connected to an electrical power source.

A quality ionizer that's powered by solar power will typically float on top of your pool. If you're not sure which one to choose, try looking for one that doesn't require any additional equipment.


Although the ions produced by the ionizer can help prevent the spread of bacteria and algae, they won't be able to completely clean the water of your pool. If you want to keep it clean, you'll need to supplement the ionizer with an oxidizer.

Without an oxidizer, the ionizer might not be able to keep your pool clean, and it might even get a little foggy. This is because the water may still have traces of harmful bacteria that could cause infections. It's important to keep in mind that there may still be a few that could cause problems.

pH Stabilization

A solar powered ionizer can also help stabilize the pH levels of your pool. This is especially important since there's no natural way to do this, and artificial pools tend to have a hard time maintaining their pH levels.


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