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Solar Pool Ionizer for 45,000+ Gallons High Capacity Swimming Pools
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    The solar water purifier is a small, portable, weatherproof, long-lasting polymer disc with a replaceable, specially alloyed mineral anode on the bottom and an inbuilt advanced technology solar panel on the top. The energy from the sun activates the ionization of the anode. The ionization process limits the growth of microorganisms and removes unwanted minerals such as calcium in the pool water. The solar water purifier simply floats in the pool. The solar panel converts sunlight into low voltage electricity, which is entirely harmless. The electrical current energies the anode below the waterline. The energized anode releases mineral ions into the water. The ions pierce the protective outer membrane of algae and bacteria cells, disrupting the enzyme balance, inhibiting growth, and disinfecting the water.

    • Kill Algae and Bacteria
    • Saves $200-$900 per year in chemicals.
    • Reduces Chlorine consumption by 85%
    • Say goodbye to Algaecides and toxic Chemicals.
    • Recommended for pools up to 45,000+ gallons
    • Works with all pools & spa's and ponds, in-ground, above-ground, saltwater, and chlorine pools.
    • Reduce eye and skin irritation caused by chlorine and other chemicals.

    One ionizer can fit in 35,000-45,000 Gallons of the swimming pool. One complete unit of our solar pool ionizer including the solar panel top, copper anode, basket test strip, brush, and manual Keep the ionizer floating in the water worked by solar panel the sunlight is converted to low current electricity, it activates with the copper electrode and will start working underwater then the electrode will release the mineral ions, it will keep the water crystal clear, clean and healthy.

    Keep the water crystal clear-reduce the use of chlorine as much as 85-90% to kill the algae, chemical.

    NOTE: To order an additional Solar Pool Ionizer Replacement Kit for 45,000 Gallon Pools - Includes Copper Anode, Basket Screen, Spring, and Screw



    Step 1. Verify that the pool conditions are good or not
    Step 2. Put the solar pool ionizer into the pool
    Step 3. Observe that the solar pool ionizer is floating in the pool
    Step 4. After 12 hours, activate the cleaning system of the pool. After 24 hours, revise if all are working according to the specifications
    Step 5-6. Remove every 15 days and do a cleaning of the electrode with the brush
    included. Check the copper level weekly; in excess of 0.9 ppm, take it out from the pool, or the water will turn cloudy and green. And put it back in the pool when less than 0.4 ppm.



    1. Keep the floating in your pool, Inhibit the growth of algae.
    2. High precision, turns itself on every day, and works until nightfall.
    3. Advanced technology solar panel, no electricity required.
    4. Non-toxic, safe to use, completely harmless to children, your skin, and fish.
    5. Reduce the use of chlorine by over 80%.
    6. Balance the water mineral ions.
    7. Use in swimming pools, spas, and water fountains.


    1. solar water purifiers work fast
    2. major energy savings
    3. reduce chemical usage
    4. slash energy bills
    5. enjoy clear, clean, and completely safe pool water

    NOTE: To order an additional Solar Pool Ionizer Replacement Kit for 45,000 Gallon Pools - Includes Copper Anode, Basket Screen, Spring, and Screw


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