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Solar pool ionizer instructions

A solar ionizer is a device that can protect your swimming pool from harmful microorganisms. Through the use of solar energy, the water in the pool is transformed into ionized water, which is bio-friendly and resistant to bacteria and algae.

Depending on the weather conditions and the amount of water that you use, the time it takes to reach the required level of ionization may vary. It is also important to keep the pool water at a healthy level during the period of time that it takes to reach the required level.

1. To maintain the quality of the water in your pool, remove every 15 days and do a cleaning of the electrode with the metal brush included. Check the copper
level weekly, If excess 0.9 ppm, take it out from the pool, or water will turn cloudy and green. And put it back to the pool when less than 0.4 ppm.

2. To ensure that the sun gets as much exposure as possible, place the solar pool ionizer inside the pool. This will allow the device to produce as much energy as it can. 

Solar pool ionizer maintenance

During the process of ionization, mineral deposits can limit the current flow and prevent the ion from working properly. This is why it's important that you regularly clean the electrodes. During the early days of ionization, it's recommended that you clean the electrodes twice a week. If the current is interrupted or reduced, the pool water will need to add more chemicals.

Electrode cleaning method:

  1. Place the unit face down on a soft surface
  2. To clean the electrodes, first, rinse them with water. Then, gently remove the basket, spring-type and permanent electrodes using the metal brush provided clean copper anode.
  3. Reinstall both electrodes back into the unit after cleaning.
  4. Drop the solar ionizer back to water
  5. Repeat maintenance every week to get best results
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Do solar pool ionizer purifiers work?

Purifier image
Drop the solar ionizer into the water
Purifier image
Keep it float till sun activate solar panel
Purifier image
Cooper anode under water releases minerals
Purifier image
Minerals inhibit growth of algae