Solar Pool Ionizer Benefits

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Solar Pool Ionizer Benefits


A pool ozone generator is a type of water sanitation system that uses ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and germs in the water. It can also help keep the pool water clean and safe. In addition, it can prevent influenza viruses such as Covid-19 from spreading.

Ozone is a compound made up of three oxygen atoms. Some of it is naturally formed, such as by the ultraviolet rays of the sun. On the other hand, manmade ozone can be produced by various types of ozonators or pool ozone generators.

An ozonator is a small machine that can be placed in your pool equipment area to thoroughly clean the water. Most water purification systems use ozonators to make the water as clean as possible. They do this by producing a layer of oxygen in the water, which then kills the germs and bacteria. Besides being very effective at keeping the water clean, the use of ozonators can also help prevent the spread of diseases.

Bacteria & Viruses

A pool sanitation system is designed to kill harmful organic compounds and inactivate harmful inorganic ones. With the use of ozone, it can effectively remove parasites, bacteria, and other yuckies that can enter your pool.

Chlorine Reduce

Although ozonators can’t completely eliminate the need for chlorine, they can help reduce the amount of chemicals that you need to use in your pool. One of the biggest advantages of using an ozone generator is that it can help reduce the unpleasantness of chlorine, such as eye irritation and the foul smell.

You Can Use It Indoor and Outdoor

Since the amount of ozone that's produced by an ozonator is so small, it's completely safe to use in both outdoor and indoor pools. Compared to other methods of water sanitation, users of ozonators report that they have a very clean and comfortable swimming experience.


Most pools become dirty due to the presence of algae and other particles in the water. These particles can keep floating and may not be able to filter. An ionizers can remove these impurities by producing positive charged silver and copper ions.

Pool Components

When used as sole pool cleaning agents, such as bromine and chlorine, these chemicals can corrode over time, potentially affecting your materials. An ionizer can help keep the pool components clean and maintain its water quality. Solar Pool Ionizer reduces the need for chlorine, so it's improve the longevity of the pool's materials.

It's Safe...

Many swimmers have complained about getting red eyes, itchy skin, and rashes after swimming in a chlorine-contaminated pool. This is due to how the chemical can trigger reactions in people with sensitivity issues.

... and Nontoxic

Ionizers are safe to use. The low levels of these metals in the water produced by the ionizer can be safely ingested by people who accidentally swallow it.

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