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water purifier

for the Algae-free and Chemical-free operation of your swimming pool, spa and pond.

Solar Pool Ionizer for 45,000 Gallons High Capacity Swimming Pools

Solar Pool Ionizer Purifier

Bright sunshine, excellent air, beautiful environment, healthy and clean water!

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Solar Pool Ionizer for 45,000+ Gallons High Capacity Swimming Pools
Application: Pool and Pond
Pools: 45,000 Gallons
Output Voltage: <6V
Gross weight: 4.0 lb
Solar Pool Ionizer Replacement Kit
Application: Replacement Kit
Pools: 35,000 Gallons
Output Voltage: <6V
Gross weight: 1.0 lb
Solar Pool Ionizer for 10,000 - 35,000 Gallons Swimming Pools
Application: Pool
Pools: 35,000 Gallons
Output Voltage: <6V
Gross weight: 3.2 lb

How does a solar pool ionizer work?

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Drop the solar ionizer into the water
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Keep it float till sun activate solar panel
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Cooper anode under water releases minerals
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Minerals inhibit growth of algae
  • Simply keep it in the water for a few days
  • Converts sunlight into low voltage
  • Inhibit the growth of microorganism

Solar pool ionizer features

Solar pool ionizer, Sun shock pool purifier is a new revolutionary water purifier for your swimming pool's Algae-free and Chemical-free operation.
Reduce Up
  • Kill Algae and Bacteria
  • Saves $200-$900 per year in chemicals.
  • Reduces Chlorine consumption by 85%
  • Say goodbye to Algaecides and toxic Chemicals.
  • Recommended for pools up to 15,000+ gallons
  • Works with all pools & spa's and ponds, in-ground, above-ground, saltwater, and chlorine pools.
  • Reduce eye and skin irritation caused by chlorine and other chemicals.

FAQ: Solar Pool Ionizer Purifier

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What is solar ionizer?
This is a process in which an element acquires or loses electrons. For example, the ionization of copper is the result of the discharge of copper ions.
What kind of care does this unit require?
The ionization process causes the spring to grow white material that must be brushed off every one to two weeks.The whole process takes about 5 minutes.
My pool is only 5000 gallons, will it work?
Our 35k ionizer is our smallest version. With a smaller pool, you will need to remove the ionizer periodically to avoid ion levels from getting too high, which will make water a little bit cloudy.
Does it work in pools with sand filters or just in salt water pools?
Works with all saltwater, and chlorine pools.
When do I have to replace the copper anode?
We recommend to replace copper anode every season, but cleaning it weekly, if not it may last 3-4 months.
How long does it take to reach the effect?
It depends on many factors and usually takes 2 weeks.

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