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What is Solar Pool Ionizer

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What is Solar Pool Ionizer


It can be tedious to keep track of the various chemicals used in your pool, and it can be even harder to schedule the use of them properly. However, with the help of pool ionizers, it can be easier to maintain your pool. These devices use silver and copper ions to remove algae and other harmful organisms from the water.

In this article, I will talk about the various advantages and disadvantages of pool ionizers. I will also walk you through their common problems and how they can be used properly.

What Is a Solar Pool Ionizer

An ionizer is usually made with copper and silver ions, which are known to neutralize the effects of harmful algae and bacteria. Copper has been used as an anti-microbial for hundreds of years, and it can also be found in algaecides. With the help of silver, you can eliminate harmful bacteria without affecting the water quality.

An ionizer is usually an electronic tool that you can integrate into your pool's pump and filter system. However, due to the increasing popularity of solar pool ionizers, they are becoming more common. Unlike electronic devices, a solar pool ionizer floats in the water during the cleaning process.

A Solar pool ionizer work this way:

  1. The ionizer works by bringing water into the pool through various components, such as a pump, heater, and suction line. After it has thoroughly cleaned the water, it returns to the pool through jets.
  2. The ionizer uses a low-voltage direct current to activate the electrodes and trigger their disinfecting capabilities.
  3. The electricity flow through the ionizer causes the copper and silver to lose electrons, which then turn into cations. These are more protons than electrons.
  4. The cations then get into the water and interact with the ionizer. However, they stay in the water until they encounter a substance that has negative charged ions.
  5. The cations then pass through the anionic microorganisms, which then break the cell walls. While an ionizer can help clean your pool, it's still important to use a chemical solution to keep it clean.


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