Solar Pool Ionizer Water Chemistry

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Solar Pool Ionizer Water Chemistry


Why would metal such as copper and iron be in your swimming pool water? It's a strange question, but it's also a reasonable explanation.

In addition to being able to tint the water color brown, small iron particles can also cause discoloration in the water of a swimming pool. High levels of iron and copper can cause various problems in a swimming pool.

Although copper and iron can make the water color brown, they can also cause ugly staining on the surface of the swimming pool. High levels of copper can lead to various problems.

Solar Pool Ionizer Water Chemistry

There are various ways that iron and copper can get into your pool water.


1. Algaecides

Although algaecides are usually the preferred method to kill algae, copper-based compounds can be effective. When algae eats algaecide molecules, it is killed. 

2. Local Water Source 

Your local water supply can contain enough metal to build up a problem. Most of the metals and minerals found in your water source are naturally present.

3. Low pH

The low pH level can cause various components of a pool, such as the metal heat exchanger and the pool surfaces, to corrode. This can then allow the metal to enter the water. It can be caused by various factors, such as the length of time that the pool has been exposed to the acidic water, the amount of metal that's exposed to the water, and the pH level of the water.

4. Equipment and Plumbing

The equipment that's used to run the pool may not be properly sized, which can cause it to run at higher pressures. Also, if the pipes and fittings are not big enough, it can cause strain on the parts of the equipment, which can wear the metal surfaces. Although the surfaces may still appear fine, under a microscope, small wear marks can be seen on them. Over time, the small amounts of metal that have to be released have dissolved in the water.

5. Pool Ionizer

If you use an ionizer to treat the pool water, then the addition of silver and copper can increase the levels of metal in the water. These devices are designed to remove the contaminants from the water, and they shouldn't cause a problem if the water is balanced. However, if the water is not balanced properly, they can get damaged and shorten the life of the device.

Copper & Iron Water Test

Even though a visual diagnosis is possible, it is still important to check your water's level of metal. A good way to do this is by taking a water test, which is an electronic water test. This will let you know the amount of metal in the water and how it affects your health.

Solar Pool Ionizer Water Chemistry

How to Remove It?

There are two main methods that can be used to solve this issue: drain the pool or find the source of the problem. Although it's not the preferred method, it's still effective. After you have checked your equipment and eliminated algaecides, it's important to test the water source. 

How to Prevent Copper and Iron High Levels in Pool Water?

If the source of the metal is still not known, then it's important to use a chemical that can prevent it from oxidising. One of the most effective ways to prevent this is by using Pool Pro Metal Minus.


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