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Solar Pool Ionizer vs. Ozone & UV

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Solar Pool Ionizer vs. Ozone & UV


UV pool treatment

UV pool cleaners use ultraviolet rays to treat the water that enters the system. They do so by disrupting the DNA of harmful microbes.


A UV pool system can effectively treat the harmful microbes in the water that are resistant to chlorine.


The cost of installing a UV system can be high, especially for commercial setups. In addition, regular chlorine levels are required to treat the water. 

Ozone pool treatment

An ozone system is a type of unstable molecule that can be produced when an electric current breaks apart an oxygen molecule. This chemical reaction then creates an unstable ozone.


An ozone system can oxidize chlorine-resistant contaminants, which can cause serious health problems in humans.


Although ozone can provide various sanitation benefits, it requires high levels of chlorine to maintain its effectiveness. High levels of ozone gas can also be harmful.

Solar Pool Ionizers

Ionizers use a combination of silver and copper ions to treat a pool. They then break down the harmful bacteria in the water.


Ionizers claim that they can lower the chlorine demand in the pool by reducing the amount of harmful contaminants.


Unfortunately, ionizers do not provide the necessary oxidation to remove harmful contaminants from the water. They also do not kill the bacteria fast enough to prevent the water from being treated with regular chlorine levels.


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