Solar Pool Ionizer: Ionize to Sanitize

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Solar Pool Ionizer: Ionize to Sanitize


Look for the label of your vitamin supplement to see if it contains zinc and copper. These two minerals are very important to your health and can help keep the water in your swimming pool clean.

Zinc is an anti-viral and anti-bacterial substance, while copper is a type of algaecide. The anode in most swimming pools contains around 85% copper and 15% zinc, which can also include traces of other metals such as silver, gold, aluminum, manganese, and iron. Some pool systems use a combination of copper and silver.

Electrolysis is carried out by applying electricity to the anode. The resulting mineral ions then enter the water and kill harmful algae and bacteria. They can also interfere with the various biological processes of the organisms in the water.

Instead of using heavy doses of bromine or chlorine to clean the pool, you can use an ionized water system. This method can help keep the water clean and free of harmful chemicals. One of the main advantages of this process is that the metal ions stay in the water, which makes it easier for people with allergic reactions to bromine and chlorine.

You can use either chlorine or ionized water systems for a super-charged clean. There are four types of chlorine that can be used in a swimming pool: liquid shock, trichlor tablets, salt, and powder shock. Since salt is only sodium chloride, it is important to note that ionized water can work on its own in saltwater or freshwater pools.

Ionized water systems come in various types, and some are built into the filter and pump equipment. In-line systems use the grid electricity and the pool pump to deliver the ions to the water.

Some ionizers are also solar-powered, which means they can float in the water. Aside from reducing your electricity bill, using an ionized water system can also help keep your carbon footprint low.


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