How to Use REVIVE! Swimming Pool Phosphate and Algae Remover Chemical

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How to Use REVIVE! Swimming Pool Phosphate and Algae Remover Chemical


If you’re a pool owner, you know the importance of keeping your pool clean and clear. One of the most common problems pool owners face is algae, which can turn your pool green and murky if not treated properly.

Fortunately, there is a product on the market that can easily eliminate algae and prevent its return: Revive! Swimming Pool Phosphate and Algae Remover Chemical. This product is designed to quickly and effectively remove phosphates and algae from your swimming pool. Phosphates are a key component of algae growth, so getting rid of them is essential for keeping your pool clean and clear. The Revive! Chemical works by breaking down the bonds that hold phosphates and algae together, allowing them to be filtered out of the water.

To use Revive!, you’ll first need to make sure that your pool’s pH level is balanced. If it’s not, you should adjust it before adding the chemical.

Once the pH is balanced, you can add the Revive! Chemical directly to the pool, at a rate of 1/2 pound per 10,000 gallons of water. You should then let the chemical do its work for at least 24 hours, after which you should take a water sample and test the phosphates and algae levels. If they’re still too high, you can add more Revive! and let it continue to work.

Once the phosphates and algae levels have been successfully reduced, you should clean the pool filter and vacuum the pool to remove any remaining debris. This will ensure that your pool is completely free of algae and phosphates. You should also test the pool water again, and make sure it’s properly balanced.

Using Revive! is a great way to keep your pool free of algae and phosphates. With regular use, you can easily ensure your pool stays clean, clear, and free of algae for years to come.

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