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How to Use ProTeam Prevent

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How to Use ProTeam Prevent


Maintaining a swimming pool is a challenging task, especially during the summer months when the pool is in constant use. Fortunately, ProTeam Prevent is a helpful tool that can help you keep your pool clean and free of debris.

Here are some steps you can take to use ProTeam Prevent for swimming pool maintenance:

1. Test the Pool Water:

Before you start using ProTeam Prevent, it’s important to test the pool water with a water testing kit. This will help you determine the pH level, chlorine levels, and other important factors that can affect the health of your pool.

2. Balance the Pool Water:

Once you’ve determined the pH and chlorine levels, it’s time to adjust them as needed. This can be done with the help of ProTeam Prevent. The product contains a mixture of chlorine and other chemicals that can help balance the pH and chlorine levels in your pool.

3. Treat the Pool:

Once you’ve balanced the water, it’s time to treat the pool with ProTeam Prevent. This product can help keep your pool free of debris and algae. Simply add the recommended amount of ProTeam Prevent to your pool and let it circulate for a few hours.

4. Monitor the Pool:

After treating your pool with ProTeam Prevent, it’s important to monitor it regularly. Check the pH and chlorine levels on a weekly basis and adjust as needed.

Using ProTeam Prevent for swimming pool maintenance is an easy and effective way to keep your pool looking and feeling great. With regular testing and treatment, you can ensure your pool stays healthy and safe for everyone to enjoy.


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