How to Use Poolife Algaecide 90

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How to Use Poolife Algaecide 90


If you’re a pool owner, you know how important it is to keep your pool clean and free of algae. Poolife Algaecide 90 is a great product to help you do just that. This algaecide is ideal for killing and preventing algae growth in your pool, keeping it crystal clear.

Here’s how to use Poolife Algaecide 90 to get the most out of it.

1. Test your pool’s water chemistry.

Before you begin, make sure to test your pool’s pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness levels. Doing this will help you determine the amount of algaecide you need to use and ensure that it’s effective.

2. Add the correct amount.

Once you know the size of your pool and the amount of algaecide you need, pour it directly into the skimmer or circulation system. Make sure to wear protective gear, such as rubber gloves and safety glasses.

3. Circulate the algaecide.

Run the pump and filter for at least 8 hours after adding the algaecide to ensure it’s distributed evenly throughout the pool.

4. Test your water.

After you’ve added the algaecide, wait 24 hours and then test your pool’s water chemistry again. This will help you see if the algaecide is doing its job.

5. Repeat as needed.

If your pool’s water chemistry is still off, you may need to add more algaecide. You can also add a preventative algaecide, such as Poolife Algaecide 90, to your pool on a regular basis to keep algae growth at bay.


By following these steps, you can make sure that Poolife Algaecide 90 is working as effectively as possible to keep your pool clean and free of algae. Make sure to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety precautions when using algaecide products.

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