How to Use Leslie's Clear Aid Water Clarifier

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How to Use Leslie's Clear Aid Water Clarifier


If you’re looking for a reliable, effective way to keep your swimming pool clear and clean, Leslie’s Clear Aid Water Clarifier is a great solution. This chemical treatment helps to reduce the visibility of small particles and other contaminants in your pool water, making it look crystal clear and inviting.

Here’s how to use it properly:

1. Start by testing the water in your pool with a pool water test kit. Check for the presence of chlorine and other chemicals, as well as pH and alkalinity. Make sure the levels are within the recommended range before adding any chemicals.

2. Next, add the appropriate amount of Leslie’s Clear Aid Water Clarifier. Follow the directions on the packaging to ensure that you’re using the right amount.

3. Make sure to circulate the pool water for at least two hours after adding the clarifier. This will ensure that the chemicals are evenly distributed throughout the pool.

4. Lastly, test the water again after two hours to make sure that the levels are still within the recommended range. If they’re not, adjust the levels as necessary and retest again.

By following these steps, you can easily maintain clear, sparkling pool water with Leslie’s Clear Aid Water Clarifier. Not only will it help to keep your pool looking great, but it will also help to protect your pool surfaces from staining, corrosion, and other damage.


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