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How to Use BioGuard Sparkle Up

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How to Use BioGuard Sparkle Up


If you’re looking for an easy, effective way to maintain your swimming pool, BioGuard Sparkle Up is the perfect choice.

This powerful pool maintenance product is designed to keep your pool looking its best while providing protection from algae and bacteria.

Here’s how to use BioGuard Sparkle Up to keep your pool sparkling.

1. Balance Your Pool Water

The first step in using BioGuard Sparkle Up is to make sure your pool water is properly balanced. This means checking and adjusting the pH, alkalinity, and hardness levels of your water. These elements must be balanced in order to ensure the effectiveness of BioGuard Sparkle Up.

2. Add the Recommended Amount of BioGuard Sparkle Up

Once your pool water is balanced, you’re ready to add BioGuard Sparkle Up. The product comes in granular form, and you should add the recommended amount for your size pool. Generally, you’ll add one-half pound per 10,000 gallons of water.

3. Brush Your Pool

Once you’ve added the recommended amount of BioGuard Sparkle Up, use a pool brush to scrub the sides and bottom of your pool. This helps the product work more effectively and ensures that algae and bacteria are scrubbed away.

4. Run Your Pool Filter

After brushing your pool, it’s time to run your pool filter. This helps to remove any debris that was stirred up during the brushing process. Make sure to check your filter regularly and clean it as needed.

5. Test Your Pool Water

Once your filter has been running for a few hours, it’s important to test your pool water. This will help you ensure that your pool is properly balanced and BioGuard Sparkle Up is working effectively.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your pool is clean and free of algae and bacteria. BioGuard Sparkle Up is an easy, effective way to make sure your pool stays sparkling clean.

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