Copper Ionization in Swimming Pool

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Copper Ionization in Swimming Pool


In addition to keeping the water clean, copper ionization is also becoming more popular among pool owners to keep their pools crystal clear. This technique works much better than using chemicals.

Besides keeping the water clean, copper ions can also kill off various micro organisms. Some of these include algae, fungi, and spores.

Through copper ionation, the copper ions can also float throughout the water of your pool, which can destroy various types of harmful micro organisms. Although you should still use chlorine, copper ionation can help reduce your dependence on this chemical by up to 80%.

How It Works

Ionizers come in different types, and they all follow the same process. The anode used in these devices is made of copper, and it is submerged in the water. This is where the ions come from.

Electrolysis is a process that involves sending an electrical charge through an electrode. Through this process, the charged particles are then released into the water.

Is It Effective?

The effectiveness of copper ionation is well-documented. Numerous scientific studies have shown that the copper ions can kill off various harmful micro organisms.

According to experts, copper ionation can reduce the dependence on chlorine by up to 80%. This is because the water will be crystal clear, and you won't need to use chemicals to keep it clean.

Is It Harmful?

You might be worried about the harmful effects of copper ionation on the environment when you're swimming in the water that's been filled with copper ions.

If you use it correctly, copper ionation is completely harmless. In fact, it's less harmful than the amount of chlorine that pool owners typically use.

However, if you use it incorrectly, it can cause problems. One of the main reasons why this technique can be problematic is due to the overuse of it, which would result in too many ions being produced and floating around the pool. Don't get carried away by the overuse of copper ionation. The process itself is very slow and easy to control. For years now, copper ionation has been used to make drinking water safer. It's been proven that this process can safely remove harmful micro organisms from the water.

Should You Use It?

Ionizers can be beneficial to pool owners as they can help keep their water clean.

One of the biggest advantages of using pool ionizers is that they can help you save money on your pool's chlorine bill. They can also prevent you from experiencing the side effects of chlorine, such as fading clothes and stinging eyes.

Don't Forget To Use Some Chlorine

Although copper ionation can remove various types of harmful micro organisms, it's not enough to replace the need for chlorine.

In addition to keeping the water clean, copper ionation can also kill off various types of harmful micro organisms. However, you still need to use chlorine to get rid of other things, such as algae and sun screen.


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