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Benefits of Copper Ionization for Your Swimming Pool

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Benefits of Copper Ionization for Your Swimming Pool


Using copper ionization, which involves releasing copper ions into the water, is a safe and effective way to clean and kill tough bacteria in your pool. It's also a way to keep your pool water clean without the use of chlorine.

Copper Ionization in History

For centuries, copper has been used to treat drinking water. The ancient Greeks discovered its benefits when they used it to purify their water. During the 1800s, silver and copper coins were used by the explorers to keep their water supplies clean while traveling west.

Benefits of Copper Ionization for Your Swimming Pool

One of the most dangerous substances that can affect your health is chlorine, which can make your eyes red and bleaches your clothes and hair. Exposure to this can cause various health conditions such as cancer. Using a safe and effective method such as copper ionization can keep you safe and your pool water clean.

Unlike other methods, copper ionization kills tough and aggressive types of algae, such as black algae. It eliminates the need for additional pool chemicals and can pay for itself in about two years. It also eliminates the need for regular maintenance.

Copper will remain in the water until it has been absorbed by an microorganism, which means that it will stay in the water until its job is completed. Using copper in your pool will help keep it clean and prevent diseases caused by harmful substances, such as bacteria and chlorine.

How Does It Work?

Copper is a powerful biocide that can help kill harmful microorganisms. It can also distort the cell walls of algae to prevent them from taking in needed gases and liquid. Through its interactions with the bacteria, copper can block photosynthesis, which kills the harmful organisms. This means that even if the algae can survive, it will not be able to reproduce.

Copper for Your Health

Copper is also essential to the health of your body as it can help create new blood vessels. It can help improve the structure and function of your bones, as well as your immune system and nervous system. In addition to these, it can help prevent heart diseases and cancer.

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