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Nature2 W28166 Mineral Cartridge Replacement A30
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    The Nature2 A30 Above Ground Replacement Cartridge is the perfect replacement for your alternative sanitizer system. Equipped with three female ports, this cartridge fits only Limited Nature2 vessels.

    The silver ions in this cartridge are great for controlling pool algae and eliminating bacteria from your water. This Nature2 Replacement Cartridge is replaced once every six months to maintain clean, clear, and healthy water.

    Nature2 mineral sanitizing systems are easy to use and eco-friendly. By using this sanitation system, you may be able to reduce bromine and chlorine usage by up to 50%. Eliminate the feel, smell, and other side effects of harsh chemicals!

    • Replacement cartridge for Limited Nature 2 Systems Includes one cartridge
    • For use with above-ground pools 5,000 to 30,000 gallons
    • Not compatible with biguanide products and copper-based algaecides
    • Destroys bacteria with silver ions


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