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Nature2 W28002 DuoClear Mineral Cartridge For DuoClear Pool Sanitizers - 45 Replacement
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    Nature2 DuoClear 45 Mineral Replacement Cartridge W28002 is capable of treating upwards of 45,000 gallons. The sanitizing effects and water clarity provided by a Nature2 mineral cartridge is truly amazing. The Nature2 mineral-bed technology uses silver and copper to combat bacteria and micro-organisms.

    Using the Zodiac Nature2 DuoClear, Fusion, and Fusion Soft systems will help reduce chemical use by up to 50% and less overall pool maintenance. It controls bacteria and algae to provide a clean and safe swimming experience. The DuoClear 45 cartridge boasts a six-month lifespan, providing purer pool water with reduced chemical use for an entire swim season.

    • For pools between 35,000 gallons and 45,000 gallons
    • Six-month lifespan


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