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Nature2 W28001 DuoClear Mineral Cartridge For DuoClear Pool Sanitizers - 35 Replacement
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    Nature2 DuoClear 35 Mineral Replacement Cartridge is designed for the Nature2 DuoClear, Nature2 Fusion, and Nature2 Fusion Soft chlorination systems. This Mineral Replacement Cartridge sanitizes pools between 25,000 and 35,000 gallons. Its mineral bed technology integrates silver and copper to maintain a healthier swimming pool. The Nature2 DuoClear, Fusion, and Fusion Soft systems are designed to produce low levels of chlorine that combine with mineral sanitation for soft and silky water.

    Using the Zodiac Nature2 DuoClear, Fusion, and Fusion Soft systems will help reduce chemical use by up to 50% and less overall pool maintenance. It controls bacteria and algae to provide a clean and safe swimming experience. The DuoClear 35 cartridge boasts a six month lifespan, providing purer pool water with reduced chemical use for an entire swim season.

    • For pools between 25,000 gallons and 35,000 gallons
    • Six-month lifespan


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