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Leslie's Power Powder Plus Calcium Hypochlorite Pool Shock 25 lb
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    Our Leslie's Power Powder Plus is the strongest chlorine pool shock on the market. It kills bacteria and algae and provides clear, safe, and effective pool water.

    • Kills bacteria, controls algae and destroys organic contaminants
    • Concentrated chlorinating granular Cal-Hypo pool shock
    • Fast dissolving
    • Low Residue
    • 73% Calcium Hypochlorite
    • 70% Minimum Available Chlorine
    • Fast-acting solution for swimming pool problems
    • Great for super chlorination and routine maintenance use
    • Non-Stabilized - No Cyanuric Acid (CyA)
    • 9-18 oz. per 10,000 gallons provides 5-10 ppm available chlorine


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