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Leslie's Perfect Weekly Triple Action Phosphate Remover 3L
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    Leslie's Perfect Weekly is a three-in-one pool maintenance product that removes oils, phosphates, and other non-living organics, and helps reduce water loss and improve the look of your pool.

    • Cleans water
    • Removes phosphates
    • Conserves water & energy
    • NoPHOS traps phosphates in the pool filter, which then gets rid of them after a clean or backwash
    • SMARTzyme broad spectrum formula breaks down oils and non-living organic contaminants reducing water sanitizer demand
    • COVERfree water evaporation reducer lowers heat loss and reduces chemical use saving money on pool maintenance
    • Helps prevent algae by maintaining phosphate levels below 100 ppb
    • Lowers costs of chemical use and water consumption
    • Safe for use in all types of pool filters including cartridge, D.E and sand filters
    • Improves overall water quality and efficiency for healthier pool water
    • Easily added to pool skimmer while main circulation pump is operating
    • Add one capful per 8,000 gallons of water weekly for superior pool water quality


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