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EAAZPOOL Solar Pool Ionizer Less Chlorine Pool Cleaning Device Free Pool Purifier & Sanitizer
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    This solar-powered pool purifier and sanitizer keep your swimming pool’s water clear with little-to-no-chlorine. Resulting in an eco-friendly and cleaner swimming pool, generating ions to protect your pool against the elements by transforming your water into biologically healthy mineral water. Never again will you worry about damage to hair, skin, or eyes. With our 1-year replacement warranty, if your unit is ever broken or stops working, we will replace it for free for the first year. Perfect for all swimming pool types from salt or chlorine, to above or in-ground up to 45,000 Gallons! Outstanding Live 24/7 Customer Service & Warranty Department Follow the instructions on the back of your user manual for any product issues or questions -by simply texting "Support". If your pool is smaller than 45,000 gallons, our 35,000-gallon solar pool ionizer model can be found here

    Package Dimensions: 10.9 x 10.4 x 7.6 inches

    EaazPool Solar Ionizer Replacement Kit for 35,000-45,000+ Gallon Pools - Includes Copper Anode, Basket Screen, Spring, and Screw



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