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Solar Pool Ionizer FAQ

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Solar Pool Ionizer FAQ


Today we have collected for you a selection of frequently asked questions from our customers. Pay attention to the articles in our blog, where we gave detailed answers to some questions. But if you have almost made a decision and you need quick answers, then welcome to the Solar Pool Ionizer FAQ!

How does the Solar Pool Ionizer work?

The Solar Pool Ionizer is a powerful and eco-friendly device that can transform your water into algae-resistant and biologically healthy mineral water. It can be used in both non-salt and saltwater pools. Its low power output allows it to produce ions from the sunlight, which helps keep the water in the pool clean and safe.

One of the most effective ways to keep the water in your pool clean and safe is by shocking it at least once a week. A shock can also help remove undesirable minerals such as iron and calcium. The anode of the device will slowly erode away, which will allow the water to soften.

How long does a it last?

A solar pool ionizer typically has a lifespan of about six to 12 months. However, until that time, its efficiency will gradually decline due to the degradation of the anode copper used in most ionizers. In order to keep your device working, you will need to replace it in about a year.

How to maintain an ion-stabilized pool?

Although most ionizers can eliminate the need for chlorine, there is still no easy way to treat the water without using chlorine. Using a solar pool ionizer can help keep the water in your pool healthy. Just add 3‚ÄĚ stabilized chlorine tablets once a week to keep it in a healthy state.

How to reduce the pH levels of the ion-stabilized pool water?

The high pH levels in your pool water can negatively affect the health of the organisms in the water and make it impossible for you to swim. Fortunately, there are various types of pH reduction products that can be used to treat the water and maintain its pH levels. One of the most effective ways to keep the water in your pool clean and safe is by shocking it at least once a week.

How much Chlorine I should use?

Using a small amount of sanitizer can help keep the water in your pool clean and free of harmful organisms. However, you may still need to use other products such as bromine or chlorine.

How often I should clean copper anode?

You should regularly clean the copper anode to prevent buildup and help the minerals from being released properly. If not, it can cause a tear in the basket, and it can also affect the operation of the device.

How should I clean the anode and basket?

Before you start cleaning the anode, inspect the area around the device and the panel. To do this, remove the device from the water and gently remove the basket and nylon screws. Give the anode a good scrub with the help of a wire brush. One of the most important factors that you should consider when it comes to cleaning the anode is that it is easier to clean when it is wet.

If the water in my pool is crystal clear and has no algae, but my copper test strip is not reading copper, then it might be a problem with the device?

The strips used for the copper test are very sensitive and may not accurately reflect the copper level in the water. Some of the chemicals used to treat the water may have not completely filtered out the water, which could cause the test strips to not read the copper level correctly. If the water is crystal clear, then you don't need to worry about the copper level.

What should I do if I have algae, but the copper test strip reads the recommended level (and the water is crystal clear, obviously)?

If you have algae, it can appear in various areas of the pool, such as the steps or the deep end. It can be caused by the way the water is filtered, and you will need to treat it with powdered chlorine. To get rid of the algae, use the pool shock to remove the affected areas.

What should I do if my pool became cloudy?

Run your filter a bit longer than you usually do for your pool and add a little extra chlorine if necessary.

Although some products such as algaecides and conditioners can help keep the water in your pool clean and free of harmful organisms, they are not necessary. Higher levels of chlorine can be required due to various factors such as the temperature of the water and the amount of rainfall.

If you use liquid chlorine, add it at or after sunset to help keep the water in your pool from UV-rays. The recommended levels for the water are not absolute, and they can vary depending on the water's current conditions. However, you should always allow the water to seek its own balance.

Will the Solar Pool Ionizer work if my pool is covered?

If the device doesn't receive direct sunlight, it will not work properly. To fix this issue, you can gently attach the unit to the cover of the pool. You can also cut a small hole in the cover to allow the device to be placed there.

What should I do if my pool turned green?

If you have had a lot of heavy rain or overcast days, this could have caused the device to imbalance the water. Since it can't ionize the minerals properly, you should shock the pool to get the water back to its ideal state. You can also add more chemicals if the water is still not balanced. If the anode is not scaling, you should contact support.

Before you buy a new Solar Pool Ionizer, make sure that you have the correct number of units for your pool. One unit can handle up to !!!! gallons of water. However, you will need two or more units to maintain the water's ideal state. 

What should I do if my pH level is high?

The pH level can be expanded to a range of from 7.2 - 7.8. The use of a Chlorine-Free Shock can help maintain the water's pH level at a higher level. However, it's important to remember that you should not try to adjust the pH level just because it's within this range. Instead, use the Chlorine-Free Shock to maintain the water's ion level and determine how much chlorine is needed to keep it clean.

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